Revelator Hill

New Album 'Atlantic Detour' Now Available

"DC/Virginia-based Revelator Hill’s debut album, Atlantic Detour, is a solid, exhilarating rock and soul record that drips with the blues and shows you just what happens when the fuel meets the fire. Developing out of The Bobby Thompson Project, Revelator Hill found its roots after guitarist/lead singer Bobby Thompson recorded a live album at the iconic Arlington, Virginia venue IOTA back in 2015. Track 3 “Look At You Now” was actually included in that album and then re-recorded in the studio for Atlantic Detour. " - THAT MAG (March 2017) read more... 

"At its core, we are transported back in time to the earliest generations of the blues and rock & roll blend that we all know and love. The lyrics are thoughtful and relatable, direct but not blatant. The plights of the average human being are echoed throughout the album, emitting a comforting emotion that blues music traditionally evokes." - HEADY ENTERTAINMENT (March 2017) read more... 

"... an impressive amalgam of modern blues and AOR sounds. Opening track “Bad Luck Goodbye” is a slice of good-time boogie that augurs well for the rest of the album. Thompson’s fuzzily distorted guitar tones are immediately ear-catching, and they’re well backed up by Crockett’s swinging drums, a funky organ solo from Lanich, and booming bass from Morrissey. They keep it up with “Gets Me Over,” with its sturdy riff over an offbeat groove, laid back chorus and a bridge featuring gutsy, churning chords, and the punchy “Look At You Now” with its neat, descending guitar line and crisp drum sound." - BLUES ROCK REVIEW (March 2017)

"Set to Thompson's masterful fuzz guitar riffs, "Atlantic Detour" (on Washington indie label Root Nine Records — Stone Feathers) is timeless rock in the best traditions of Cream, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Blind Faith, Traffic, and many more bands of the '70s golden-rock-infused-blues era. Steamy opener "Bad Luck Goodbye" features Thompson's signature fuzz guitar. "Let It Roll" is a hard driving cautionary tale, while "Look at You Now" and "Enough to Go Around" are sheer blues/rock and roll. "Wild Country" features some acoustic lapslide guitar savvy. The band also covers two Howlin' Wolf faves — "Spoonful" (featuring Thompson on lapslide guitar) plus album highlight "How Many More Years." - Waterloo Record (April 2017)

"I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Atlantic Detour, from Revelator Hill and it's a solid dose of rock! Opening with Bad Luck Goodbye, Bobby Thompson has the lead on vocal and guitar, backed by Seth Morrissey on bass, Wes Lanich on keys, Gary Crockett on drums and Jeff Mills on percussion. Classic styling, clever time changes and a solid beat make this a great opener. With a drone note on guitar, Gets Me Over has a dirty blues sound, overdriven amps, heavy tom tom and cool vocal blending. Look At You Now is a straight forward rocker with a driving beat and riding slide guitar. With a rock hard bass line and snappy drums, this track is rolling. Thompson's lead vocals on Let It Roll are particularly. With super percussion and full organ work, this is one of my favorite tracks on the release." - BMAN'S BLUES REPORT (April 2017) read more

"Virginia-based Revelator Hill fires up the electric in electric blues. On Atlantic Detour, they combine masterful musical soundscapes and their love of the blues to create a powerful and distinctive sound all their own. Revelator Hill's songs come on like a locomotive and take you with them. Both classic and original, Atlantic Detour, reveals the heat and intensity in its creation. The music will get in your bones and stay with you." - BLUES MATTERS MAGAZINE (May 2017)